My projects!

Here are all of my projects from GITA 3! If you want to view projects from past or future years, be sure to open the menu on the top right of the page.

Download Avatar Website Here!

Avatar Website

I created my own character, Mr Sleepy. Download to read more about Mr Sleepy!

Download Avatar Card Here!

Avatar Picture

Happy Candy Day! For those of you who are candy lovers, this is your day to shine and eat whatever you want.

Download Landscape Here!


Here's a day to night transition using Flash animation with Mr Sleepy!

Download Pugs Here!


Buy the all-new Hell Pugs game! Released on (Whatever day is tomorrow), be the first to buy it!

Download Tribute Here!

Tetris Tribute

I love playing Tetris, so I created this program as a mashup between Tetris and stick figures.

Download Tutorial Here!

Pizza Tutorial

Learn how to make a pizza from scratch! This is my own recipe with a little *spice* added to it. Makes the best pizza ever!

Download Soundboard Here!


Which video game theme song is your favorite? Here is a compilation of 10 of my favorite theme songs, including Zelda, Doom, Mario, and other classics.

Download Child's Game Here!

Child's Game

If you ever need something for a young child to do (or you're just bored), this program is the perfect thing for you!

Download Pinball Here!


Whenever you need to take your mind off of something, Pinball is the answer! Try it!

Download Helicopter Game Here!

Helicopter Game

This game is based off of the classic helicopter game, where you try to avoid obstacles and last for as long as you can.

Download Bullet Bounce Here!

Bullet Bounce

You gotta have at least one program where you shoot the bad guys...

Download Type Fighter Here!

Type Fighter

This is my GITA Final project! I hope you guys enjoy! In this game, you use your keyboard to capture words by typing in the target word.

What is Flash?

Adobe Flash is software that is capable of executing code, displaying audio and video, and creating content that (once!) was able to be run only on a browser. As of now, Flash is no longer supported on browsers anymore, but that doesn't stop us from learning the language! The Flash coding language is similar to other coding languages, such as c#. Currently, HTML 5 is replacing much of the Flash content available on the web.